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Jan Edwards


Intuitive Self-Realization Life Guide

Ghostwriter-Editor-Creative Guide

Access Consciousness Facilitator

Ordained Minister-Officiant

Helping YOU Become All of You

and Release All that is not You

714 335-3309

Jan's passion and gift is to guide people to come back to life, through accessing their conscious knowing of their true essence, and freely and easily expressing that in their personal lives and work in the world. Combining her innate intuition, mental acuity, heart connection, creativity, and intentionally ignited transformational life, she cuts  through the muck to help them release what isn't theirs,  so their true essence can reveal itself, what's true for them can be uncovered, and the awareness of their inner resources and Light can be realized. By having uncovered the most direct pathways to her own ‘coming alive’ and authentic beingness, Jan has been able to discern valuable intricacies often hidden beneath the awareness of her clients and their work. 

Having taken her business on the road throughout California for four years, at the end of which her oldest son passed, Jan came full circle back to Orange County, California.  1 year later, she launched her Inspired Life Messages YouTube channel. Through it all, Jan has deepened her inspiration & intuitive work with individuals & groups, facilitating their exploration, creation, expansion, & expression of who they discover themselves to be in the world.  In addition to her ghostwriting and editing services, Jan is facilitating The Shift online groups, Visioning-Writing-Creativity workshops, Access Consciousness sessions, and one on one Intuitive Life Guidance sessions, sometimes combining two or more of these together for her clients, all for the purpose of lifting the illusions of good and bad, unworthiness, confusion, and self-judgement, to access their dreams, create new life, build soul-aligned businesses & creative endeavors, and realize the powerful beings they actually are.

Personally, cracked open and steeped in higher compassion, purpose, and consciousness, Jan has a deeper connection to the heart, spirit, and energetic universe.  Jan continues to expand into greater consciousness and spirit connection, deeper intuition and heart-centered living, and fuller, more passionate creativity, through many modalities, including Access Consciousness, intuitive emotion-vibration work, yoga, nature walks and connection, writing, natural food and plant medicine, body movement and stretching, conscious breath work, meditation, and contemplation.

In 2022, Jan will be publishing her "INspired To Change" co-authored book, expanding her healing touch, and facilitating heart wound healing.  Most of all, Jan is eagerly anticipating an even higher state of being and intuitive living from her inner inspired guidance, trusting life, and following what feels light and loving, or in her words, "following her feel-good!"





Inspired Life Guide


The Shift and FLOW Circles


The Gifted Ghostwriter-Eagle Eye Editor


Inspired To Change YouTube


INspired Life Retreats


INspired To Change (publishing 2022)


Permission To Come ALIVE! Transmissions

Founder-Past President,

The Holistic Chamber of Commerce

Orange County Chapter

Past Co-Creator, Facilitator

Awakening Connectors

Past Creator-Marketing-Event Coordinator,

One Source Wellness

Past Organizer,

Santa Barbara Wise Women Over 40 Meetup

Past Co-Creator-Host-Writer-Promoter,

Holistic Source Radio

Past Creator-Facilitator-Promoter,

Master of My Dreams Master Mind

Past Creator-Facilitator,

Partners In Believing








One Interview One World Podcast


KUCI Radio

"Choices 4 Women Podcast"

"What Is Your Holistic Lifestyle?" Radio

"Princess Power Hour Podcast"

"Free Your Spirit Tina Talk For Women"

 Top 12 Nominee in 2012's

“Orange County Collaborative Business Leader”

“Business Marketing Made Simple” HCC

“HOLOS” Retreat

“Business Recovery is Self Discovery ~

You are Here to Blossom!” HCC

"Clarifying Your Desires & Creating Your Vision"

“Prosperity 2013”

“Who Are You?” HCC

“Lyceum LIVE”

“Being Authentic” HCC

"Permission To Come ALIVE!!"

Holistic Chamber of Commerce OC Chapter

People Growers Corporate Marketing Workshop

Orange County Corporate Lunch Talks

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