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In Person Sessions

Knowing and Being

the True Essence of  YOU

Creating and Choosing a Life

of New Infinite Possibilities

what have you decided is unchangeable...
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Do you remember the last moment in your life when you were totally relaxed, nurtured, and cared for?

Or has it been a little too long since you received healing and kindness, without any expectation or judgment of your body or your way of being?  What if someone could press a button and mute that voice in your head that tells you that you’re not enough, or your past won't allow you to, or you don’t have what it takes, or you're selfish, or life is hard?  When was the last time you just let go and allowed another person to truly gift you?  

What is Access Consciousness® ?

Developed in 1980 and taught and practiced in 180 countries, Access Consciousness® is a set of  pragmatic and dynamic tools and processes, unlike anything else on the planet, that allow positive mental, emotional, and physical changes to any parts of your body and your life experiences that aren't working the way you'd like them to,  including areas you have tried to change that haven't. This allows  you to recognize your creative power to a degree that your full life force energy (ch'i, Spirit) returns, so that you are able to freely and easily attract, choose, create, and experience what you desire. It changes the whole world around you. Even one session, along with the use of a few of the tools, can bring benefits equal to that which can come from doing 15 years of meditation or therapy...if you allow yourself to just relax and receive the gift.

More Detail (Find Out More)

Unknowingly, we have absorbed and stored a lifelong accumulation of patterns of thoughts, beliefs, emotions, energies, attitudes, points of view, and physical conditions. Like computer junk files, or spam, they have been limiting us, because they don't really belong to us. We got them from society, culture, family, friends, and personal experiences...ideas about right and wrong and good and bad...beliefs that something is wrong or weird about us...thoughts that our choices are bad...emotions that make us feel weak...judgements on our abilities. The electromagnetic energy components of these are stored within us, which blocks our connecting with ourselves, with the beauty of life, and with things like joy, money, ease, connections, energy, healing, love, and peace. They interfere with our ability to make changes that empower us, because they draw us away from our true centers, our inherent wholeness, and our individual unique life force. They cause us to react to life on autopilot, or depression, or people pleasing, or judgment, or addictions, and resist the experiences we most long for.  In short, they suppress our aliveness and numb our ability to Access the Consciousness that is truly ours, including our true knowing and connection to unlimited possibilities in life.

Access Consciousness® processes help clear these, but not in a cognitive (mental) way. What clears are the electromagnetic components that contain the limiting points of view buried deep in your subconscious, which you usually don't even realize you have. But, you don't have to know what is limiting you to have it cleared. You don't have to know when or why you created or took something in, for it to be cleared from your energy. You only have to be willing to receive the truth and consciousness of you in the Bars® session. This act of fully receiving allows your being to begin to dissolve anything that is not really true for you and reactivate your true knowing and expression of who you truly are, without fear and obstruction. This then allows you and your body to begin to receive the new and infinite possibilities available and Access your power to create their manifestation.

What is an Energetic Face and Body Lift?

Take a look at what this beautiful, non-invasive process is all about!


What is a Bars® Session?

Compare the brain to a computer and The Bars® treatment to a disk defragmenter.  A Bars® session dissipates the electrical charge of polarity as it is stored in your brain. It is like activating a computer virus of consciousness that begins to unravel where you are functioning from auto-pilot instead of awareness and refusal instead of receiving. The Bars® are 32 points on the head that correspond to different areas of the brain (the computer files) that relate to aspects of everyday life. They store electromagnetic components (junk files) of your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, energies, attitudes, patterns, and physical conditions that relate to aspects such as creativity, money, connections, sex, body, health, healing, power, joy, sadness, calm, etc.  An Access Consciousness Bars® session by a Certified Practitioner is a non invasive, gentle touch holding of these points on the head, for different amounts of time with different energy consciousness processes.  The processes allow the electromagnetic charges to dissipate (unravel and shrink) and exit the mind, brain, and body. Instead of functioning from repetitive patterns that keep you stuck in your current reality, running your Bars®  helps you to function from your true being, freeing you to create something that you never could before. Not only is it hitting the Delete button when it comes to old programs (i.e. the junk files deleted!); it is also Emptying the Recycle Bin! 

Outcomes and Benefits

For more details, see the testimonials (quoted in white italics on this page) from a few of my session recipients and scroll down to read "Specific Symtoms Benefited."

You will feel the benefit after one Bars® session very quickly in your life. ​Studies have shown that The Bars® treatment promotes a theta brainwave state, allowing behavioural patterns and childhood perspectives to surface and be released, and a greater state of presence, allowance, and openness to arise. You may experience a disrupting of harmful behavioral patterns or clear out old emotion clutter, as it improves brain waves by releasing the energy, emotions, beliefs, thoughts, patterns and habits, attitudes, and unwanted physical conditions. The Bars® session frees you by deleting the files that created them, so that areas like joy, money, creativity, health & connection, kindness, power, sexuality, hope, gratitude, peace, calm, dreams, prosperity, communication, and healing power are easier to access and attract, without effort.  As a result, you are able to Access more and more of your greater Consciousness, more choice, lightness, and knowingness of who you truly are, and more freedom to be you without the inner judgment or energetically created limits.

What does an Access Bars® session feel like?
Having your Bars® run is relaxing for everyone, though the exact experience is unique to the individual. It has been described as similar to having a wonderful massage, meditation, or good night of sleep. Some feel a release of heavy emotions, or a lightening of the spirit, a sense of optimism, inner joy, or peace.  After the session, as false beliefs and harmful habits begin to weaken or disappear, those who had previous anxiety or panic attacks notice that they are severely lessened, if not completely gone.  Most feel hopeful, inspired, or excited. Many feel grateful and loved for the gift they have received. Others feel more empowered and certain about what had previously felt scary, hard, or unclear. Some may not notice an immediate benefit, but go through a significant emotional or mental detox of negative energy in the 1-4 weeks that follow. Whether it's immediate or after a week or two, everyone feels freer, calmer, and clearer. It is a beneficial way to clear stress, help with depression, and soothe feelings of loss. No matter what you are wanting to receive, the Bars® session is a rewarding experience that will immediately shift you in to more of the life you have always wanted.

Specific Symptoms Benefited by Access Consciousness® tools, including Bars® Session

For more details, see "Outcomes and Benefits" above and read the testimonials (quoted in white italicized font on this page) from a few of my session recipients.

Benefits of Access Consciousness® include: 

  • Reverses aging and fatigue

  • Increases creativity, productivity, energy, ease, joy, confidence, mental clarity

  • Improves body image, health, mental clarity, sleep, relationships

  • Increases lightness, freedom, space, motivation

  • Releases pain, migraines, stress, overwhelm, uncertainty, self doubt, residual grief

  • Decreases or eliminates self-judgement, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts

  • Alleviates or eliminates insomnia, addictions (gambling, food, drugs, sex, alcohol, smoking)

  • Clears obstacles in the way of body weight change, money, sex, relationships, health, healing

  • Profoundly affects OCD, PTSD, trauma, TBI, ABI, ADD, ADHD, and Autism


Do I need more than one session?

With even one Bars® session, you release hundreds of thousands of limiting thoughts, feelings and emotions. There is no right or wrong, good or bad number of sessions, and the choice is completely up to you. After even one session, you’ll continue to release stuck energy forever. The most dramatic effects tend to be noticed within three to four weeks of the session. After each additional session, the effects will be further reaching, and more that is not you will be released, which allows more of the real, alive, unique, gift of YOU to come alive, and your life gets easier and easier and happier and happier.

A scientific study published in the November 2017 issue of "Journal of Energy Psychology: Theory, Research, and Treatment" concluded that the results of one 90-minute Access Bars® session showed an 80-plus percent reduction in depression and anxiety and an increase in EEG coherence.

Who is this Safe for?

Access Consciousness Bars® sessions are non invasive, gentle touch holding, so there is no pressure, no electrical connection, no substance, and no energy transferral, only the allowing of each individual's personal vitality, spirit, internal wisdom, and consciousness. As such, the sessions are safe everyone, including children, babies, pregnant women, new mothers, the elderly, those afflicted by seizures, epilepsy, stroke, Parkinsons, cancer, and serious health conditions, and individuals with pacemakers.

It is actually recommended for women who are expecting, as it can help disperse build-ups of negative energy, thoughts, and emotions.  It is popular for new mothers to attend a bars session and rest baby on their chest while having their bars run.


The Bars® are wonderful for children who are under pressure in any way or feeling stressed out at school.  Children who get their Access Bars run are reportedly calmer after just one session.  Children report feeling more at ease, show greater memory retention, and exhibit a stronger focus.

Infinitely More

Like the universe and consciousness, Access Consciousness®, is a dynamic, multi-layered, multi-dimensional, constantly evolving, infinitely expanding, universe of possibilities. So, there's always something new and more to help us clear and be more of the infinitely creative energetic beings we are.


Short video by Founder, Gary Douglas:                 

Access Consciousness® website:

Neuroscientist, Dr. Jeffrey L. Fannin, reviews Access Bars®

Jan's Testimonials

"I'm so grateful that you gave me this gift, because it allowed me the time to spend with myself that I hadn't had in a very long time. It was like going home again in my heart and in my spirit, and just allowing myself to experience peace and tranquility and support, and knowing that I'm not alone. As our spirits connected, and the energy merged with the universe and with everything that is our beingness, I had so much gratitude, especially in the things that the world is experiencing right now. I was feeling so grateful that we had the ability to connect in the space where we can hear the ocean, and the sun is shining, and the chimes are ringing, and the birds are outside singing. And I thought, there is nothing wrong with this existence. We have such a beautiful life if we focus on those things and really listen. I heard, and I listened, and I saw, and the colors were beautiful, and my heart feels open, and I just really think that it's beyond a gift that we have what we've been given and that we can share them together. So, thank you."                                      ~ Jewels

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"With a curiosity & interest in Jan’s session, I let myself go into a deep meditation resting my head in her hands. The Bars session felt like it had just started, and then it was finishing. A totally relaxing experience, except for a moment where I felt like a muscle behind my left ear had stretched, and relaxed, a definite release of some kind. I felt slightly spacey afterward, but nothing significant until later in the day. A growing feeling of peace and balance began throughout my body, then into my being. It wasn’t that I was stressed or suffering from anything; my regular good day evolved into a VERY positive GREAT day.  There seemed to be a continuous euphoria in all I was doing and sensing. To call it a good mood is an understatement - I felt fantastic! After a couple days I realized that the sensation of the muscle behind my left ear stretching, relaxing, and releasing was connected to the TMJ that I've had for over 30 years. The pain has always appeared when I'm on an airplane, but when I flew this week, I did not have the TMJ pain, for the first time ever. If someone were in need of the benefits that Jan brings with her understanding of Access Consciousness, they would be well served to spend this time. If not, and you're just looking to kick-up your good spirits, Jan will raise your energy with her work."             ~ David

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"My crown feels open. I feel more blended, more integrated with the space around me. My head feels open and clear, not crowded, not noisy. The consciousness expanding process was really pretty amazing. I feel so peaceful, like I don't want to even move. You have the sweetest, most soothing loving voice! What an incredible gift to give somebody, to give a whole part of your being in that way. (Next day) Can't thank you enough for such a beautiful session. I spent a long time after just sitting in my chair curling up with my cozy blue blanket and just a state of beingness. I am sure there will be downloads coming my way in the days to come. Your encouragement, support, and words of wisdom truly mean so very much to me."


~ Pam

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"I had such a beautiful download tonight about something that happens inside me, that I could see so clearly is not me at all. It is something that holds me down, holds me's just a construct that I use to supposedly protect myself, but it is only taking away my life force. It was so clear to me that this is part of the session that you gave me, and it was so easy to define this thing as not being me, and sucking my life force. And that is exactly what your session was meant to do. So I think that is pretty Amazing how this has manifested for me. It makes me so immensely grateful for this gift you gave me and how much power you have and giving this gift.                        ~  🏻♥️🏻♥️"


"Thank you for the wonderful experience. Your presence was very relaxing. It felt as though you were holding a basin of comfort, allowing me to melt into a safe place, knowing you would catch me. I can tell I am processing in my whole being. I am embracing this entire experience! (Next morning)  I am mind traveling while enjoying my morning coffee and I was just thinking about your kind spirit and the release I am beginning to feel when your text popped up! I am sitting here crying  (just little sprinkles) while thinking about moving forward with a more free attitude.  One part of the session that stood out was when you were accessing the crown chakra area. I felt this energy throughout my body expanding into space across boundaries of time. My long deceased dad smiled at me, as I marveled at concepts such as string theory and relativity (subjects I'm currently studying, to make sense of this universe.) (3 days later)  I am still processing, releasing and embracing this entire experience. Emotions seem heightened, and my entire attitude is more free and happier! The idea of time and energy took on a very fluid meaning during the session that has stayed with me. Now I look at past experiences as energy converging from many sources to be interpreted in a multitude of ways, not as a diorama fixed in time and space. This new outlook allows me to be more compassionate about my past and also be more contemplative about life experiences as they occur. It's time to put on my big girl, wild woman pants! I so appreciate your gentle, intuitive nature and that you shared your talents with me. ❣️              ~ Mary L.

"(Immediately after) I feel more relaxed, but more alert. And I feel more air, if that makes sense. My hearing is better. I don't have as much anger at my son's father as I did. I was worried and anxious, but I feel calm, peaceful. Serene, lighter, happier! I want another one. And I want my son to have one.
(5 days later) It has been an amazing phenomenal day and week. I've been praying about some things for a long time... for my body, my income, my motivation for work, and my upcoming divorce. I was totally unmotivated in my work, and in survival mode for a long time but not doing anything. Starting a couple days after the session I just felt this Poof and my motivation just clicked in. And, oh my God, I got notification today that an amazing divorce attorney is going to represent me for free! Then later this morning I got an unexpected tapping massage from my friend. It felt so good and relieved all the muscle tension I had.  Then, I opened up my email and got a notice that I was approved by a non-profit organization I had applied to that helps people affected by covid and am getting a large sum of money!  So thank you Jan. I'm so happy. I'm so excited. I want to get another one."                   ♥️ 

"I feel so peaceful right now, like covered in a spiritual energy blanket. During the session, there were these birds...I feel like they were part of it, the human thing. I was feeling energy moving in and around my face. Even now I'm feeling something on this side, a tingling, like the energy is still there, relaxing my jaw and a little bit is relaxing the right side of my cheek. And then when  you played the audio at the end, I felt tingling all over my body. It's so beautiful. This is much deeper than when my friend did it to me 2 years ago. Plus, I'm in a different place. Also, some kind of shift is going on in my tummy cuz I've had some issues. And a message I was getting was, wait till February 18th to deal with my Hawaii trip, to just put all that aside cuz it's been too much on my head and just a feeling that everything is going to open up and it's going to be fine, cuz it's really important for me to do this trip. As far as the grieving, I'll see how that all plays out, but right now I feel light and there's no sadness around that. I actually felt him come in because I was asking, so that was cool. This was awesome. I look forward to feeling what else happens and shifts over the next few days."                                 ~ Mary H.

"Jan helped me to feel safe and supportive. She's very intuitive. Her questions and clearing statement are profound and helped me to clear up all the beliefs that are ready to go. The session was really helpful. My original desire was to feel more in my essence. Immediately after, I feel more grounded and more in my body. At the end of the session, I received an inspiration to a question that I have been asking for a while and the answer that came was one I would never have considered. Now I feel more clear about the direction I want to go in and the action I need to take."                     ~ Michelle

"I want you to know how much I value you and your words and your bravery and  allowing me to talk, without trying to correct me or make me feel wrong.  For me to cry is huge! I never cry in front of anyone. I haven't cried in I don't know how long...almost 20 years.  I have been just holding everything in. I needed to cry. So, thank you."  

~ Carmen
Access Consciousness Facilitator

Very relaxing. I loved it. I felt how much you love me!       ♥️  ~ Austin

"I'd heard about Access Consciousness about a year ago and have been wanting a Bars session for a while now. Then I met you. I feel outstanding! Lightness resonates with me this morning. Thank you so much!  (12 days later) I have become more aware lately that personal time/alone time is all perfect. (Re: your guidance on relationships), as of today, it is feeling light to be single!"     ~ Allan

"After my second Access Consciousness Bars session, the feeling and sense felt unique to this session. Overall I was filled with a sense of relaxation and calmness throughout my whole body and being. It felt quite ethereal to just go with the flow and release myself fully to the process.  Jan's beautiful words of wisdom, guidance, and kindness near the end of the session absorbed into my being with such a soft caring beautiful energy that she embodies and projects.  And it carried me away to beautiful indescribable places.  After she left I laid in the stillness and had the most amazing sense of relaxed and floating lightness of being. All my senses seemed to be heightened and without containment all at once. I experienced my body in such a new way that was so incredibly in the moment, without burden, just an extraordinary sense of being awareness, where every movement, from rubbing my neck gently to doing some Ohms, had a whole new Sense of vibrational frequency that took over my whole body. I was able to just let my body and state of being flow into the moment that felt so fulfilling, natural and magical.  It was an incredible state of being and one that I am immensely looking forward to experiencing again!  (Next morrning) I had only 4 1/2 hours sleep, but I felt so light and happy this morning, so it continues. Thank you so much for bringing such an incredible state my way."       ~ Pam

"I appreciate all your kind words and attention. Yes, it was definitely a moving experience, and your facilitation was generously beautiful. Your voice is soothing and your presence is tranquil.  This is definitely a huge shift in my life as a dreamer.  It's amazing how everything works together and how uniquely wonderful we all are! I know you will be serving people on and to their highest level!"                                     ~ Gina                   

Thank you. That was really good. Much deeper than the first time with you. I saw colors, and the number 2 kept coming up. My hands were twitching with the energy running. It was very deep. I feel so light and happy!

~ Johanna
Access Consciousness Facilitator

" 25 minutes into the session, the pain in my jaw that began from my cancer went away. Later in the day, I was struggling to try to renew my driver's license online, to no avail, so I just stopped and watched Eat, Pray, Love insteadI felt good this morning.  After breakfast I called the DMV and only had to wait 4 minutes for a person! He walked me through the online driver’s license procedure, and I had my license in a very short time. I just had a weird thing happen.  I thought my nephew was going to take me for my surgery on Monday (my birthday) but he just said that he couldn't.  That wasn’t the weird part.  What was weird was that I thought, laughingly, this is a good time for martyrdom!  I had asked 2 of my friends and they couldn’t do it either.  My neice just texted me and said that she could take me.  What a sweetheart!"                         ~ Frances

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