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"Thanks Jan, I am so appreciative that you have set these daily calls of appreciation!   They're so powerful.  After the calls, my energy and clarity is always lifted."



Every call is different.  Listen to a sample!

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If you need a private, more personalized call, message me for a 15 minute Complimentary Support Call.

If you're curious to know more about your life and work and how to move forward,  

or just want to bounce some thoughts, feelings, or ideas off someone holding space, and a clear surface, 

Message Me to set up a 15-minute Complimentary Call.

These are pivotal times. The more aware and clear we are,

the better we will ride the wave, pivot, and find a new way to live, be, love, and thrive.  

Saturday-Tuesday-Thursday Collective

Love-Appreciation-Joy-Freedom Alignment Calls!










On March 26th, 2020, I had an exciting idea that I am implementing 3 times each and every week beginning Saturday morning, March 28th, and I hope you'll join me.  Saturday, Tuesday, and Thursday, at 9:00 a.m. PST, Dina Marais (in South Africa), Tricia Ryan-Glenn (Southern California),  and I (in Southern California) will alternate hosting a Collective Love-Appreciation-Joy Alignment Call on Zoom.  No matter where you are in the world, you can join by computer or phone (Audio only). 

If you've ever been in the frequency of looking for, and noticing, what you truly love, appreciate, feel good or excited about, from that space of heart and wonder in you and around you, you know how wonderful that feels and how it manifests powerful, and sometimes immediate changes in everything (physical healing, emotional clearing, material manifestations, relationship healing, financial abundance, dreams manifested, creativity flow, new ideas and connections, and more).

When we take that principle to the next level of doing it as a collective, it contagiously and exponentially expands that shift in energy and outlook, and brings results right back to each of us like a boomerang.


When done from an authentic heart-space, it can be more powerful than affirmations, prayer, and efforting. Slightly different from gratitude, appreciation is not bouncing off an emotional place of hardship.  It is pure appreciation in the moment, from a foundation of choosing to look at what you love and appreciate, from the tiniest of things to the largest of visions, from what you physically see around you to what you feel in your heart, and what you imagine in your mind.

It's important to alleviate fear and remember that we are all spiritual beings living in a physical world.  These calls are to help us and remind us that we can pivot and thrive. We invite you to contribute to the energy shift. You can chime in with anything that you are appreciating in the moment, but you don't have to. You can just absorb the energy and listen to the words of appreciation by others who feel called to share their good feelings with you. The principal is just noticing any little thing that, in your heart you truly appreciate, from the first thing that comes to your mind about you personally, your world, outside environment, or things that are happening, to things that you see happening in the future, and beyond.

Dina, Tricia, and I are committing to 3 calls each and every week. This call time totals 30 minutes, but you can jump in whenever you want, for a minute or however long you want. As this continues, I'm seeing it expand to include more hosts around the world and possibly longer calls with more people "zooming" in.


Please remember to adjust this day and time for your time zone.  No matter where you are in the world, please join Dina Marais (South Africa), Tricia Ryan- Glenn (Dana Point, California), and me (Carlsbad, California) for our Saturday/Tuesday/Thursday Collective Love-Appreciation-Joy Alignment Call and feel your energy and mood shift into relief, vitality, appreciation, love, clarity, and joy! 

Look forward to connecting with you on the call!

In Humanitarian and Divine Love, Light, and Pure Appreciation,

Jan Edwards

9 a.m. PST (4 p.m. UTC)  Join Zoom by Computer or Phone:

Saturdays with Jan:  or  (646) 876-9923  Meeting ID: 859 9947 7725

Tuesdays with Tricia:  or  (646) 876-9923  Meeting ID: 767 8207 1152

Thursdays with Dina:  or  (646) 876-9923  Meeting ID: 693 959 5386


All Days:  Find your local number:

International Numbers:

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