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Inspired  Life  Guidance


Circles For  Women


Self-Realization, Alignment, Mastery, Flow

Online & LIVE

Virtual  on Zoom

Coming soon LIVE to Orange County

"Jan is versatile in many spiritual principles and has the ability to translate these practices in a meaningful way to support others with their individual needs.  Techniques were given to facilitate my thinking that resulted in actions that evolved into more flow in my life."

"It was a lovely morning in the park meeting wonderful souls. The supportive & inspiring space Jan created allowed me to have a major breakthrough. I will definitely be back."

"I am so grateful for your depth of knowledge and information. Many of the techniques, links, and authors you presented helped to calm my anxiety and social awkwardness that I was experiencing in moving to a new town."

"Great group to meet like minded women wanting their lives to grow & FLOW. Looking forward to our next meeting."

"A lovely setting to gather with women who share a common desire to examine what's working in our lives & move forward. A good forum to meet & get to know some fine women on a deeper level."

"What a wonderful role model you are!"

"I found it personally productive, and the exercises helped me connect some thoughts and gain insight."

"Thank you for your light, energy, and great spirit!" 

"Thank you Jan.  You made a great impact in my life."

Are all areas of your life flowing? 

Or, are some freezing, fighting, fleeing, or fleeting?

Are you feeling the need for clarity, ease, flow, or fun?  Are you wanting to discover better ways to navigate a particular area in your life, work, home, body, relationships, finances, or goals?

Where do you feel stuck, uncertain, frustrated, anxious, confused, angry, resentful, ashamed, blindsided, doubtful, or afraid?


Where are you caught between a rock and a hard spot?

Where are you blocked from seeing, knowing, releasing, healing, or moving forward?

Symptoms and Signs:

When areas, homes, relationships, environments, decisions, or situations are not flowing, those areas feel hard to move, difficult to figure out, challenging to navigate. Lack of flow can affect our work, our health, our body, our family, our creativity, our home energy, our conversations, our ability to speak up, our intuition, our energy, our relationships, our decisions, and our self-knowing and confidence.

Like the nature of air and water, FLOW is our natural state of being.  But, when we don't feel it, we sometimes don't even realize it. We don't always know right away that we're missing it...except we're tired, in pain, have trouble sleeping, find ourselves in quarrels, collisions, falls, traumas, or toxic relationships, don't feel present, or are always in our heads... thinking, analyzing, fighting for our rights, or to be heard, complaining, calculating, comparing, second guessing. Or, if we're not in our heads, we're pushing the feeling and frustration down with eating, drinking, medicating, procrastinating, avoiding, busying ourselves elsewhere, or giving ourselves to someone else, or some worthy cause. If you relate to only one of these, you are being called to shift.

What We'll Experience:
Join us whenever you feel the call on this twice monthly Saturday morning FLOW gathering. We'll learn ways of looking, feeling, being, doing, and visioning that will take us out of our blocks and difficulties ...and into our FLOW.

I'll combine principles and insights from both my self-realization and ghostwriting businesses, as well as other sources, to help reconnect us (myself included) with balance, higher awareness, inspiration, clarity, ease, intuition, fun, and FLOW.  Each FLOW will be customized, creative, intuitive, and guided by the energy of the women in the circle.


Each includes one or more of the following: meditation, insight exercise, journal/writing, creative visualization, energy resource, body stretching, breathing component, open dialogue. This is a safe, supportive, and confidential space for personal sharing, if desired. The emphasis will be on creating paths that feel good, easier, lighter, inspired, realized, clear, and even playful.


Key Words and Concepts:
Realization, Clarity, Ease, PMP, Visioning, Focus, Attention, Intention, Desire, Possibilities, Energy, Certainty, FLOW, Release, Receive, Connect, Vibration, Frequency, Heart Coherence, Presence, Awareness, Belief, Creating, Feeling, Emotion, Intuition, Energy, Perception, Paradigm, Quantum Physics, Getting out of our heads, Default patterns, Conditioned Responses, Habits, Self-Discovery, Giving ourselves permission, Self Love, Inner Guidance, Realization, Actualization, Wisdom, Breath, Inspiration, Momentum.

Where We'll Meet:
On Zoom, In homes, yards, patios, parks, or nature walks, Onbeaches, decks, front porches, or poolside.

What to Bring:
$15-25 (based on ability/benefit) cash/debit/PayPal/Venmo/credit  Chair, cushion, blanket, or yoga mat, journal/notepad & pen, and your heart and openness to step into a new way of creating FLOW in your life, work, creativity, manifestations, health, body, relationships, and self.

"I was so happy to have the opportunity to connect with some like-minded women at the FLOW session! It did my heart good to be sheltered by the Big Tree. I felt welcomed by Jan and the ladies in the group. I enjoyed the visualization that inspired an awareness of my own quirky individuality that has always been, and that I must learn to embrace as a blessing rather than a curse."

"I looked forward to your monthly FLOW meetings!  You are an amazing leader and you made me feel comfortable to share my feelings within the group. Your insight helped me to understand my blocks and work to clear them.  I gained spiritual growth from your sessions and I now understand what it means to go with the flow!  Thank you!  Love  & light 💕"

"Great reminder that, for me, flow is stepping into the river that is always there. Thanks for organizing this, Jan."

"Thank you for sharing your openness and insight in FLOW."

"Thank you for creating such a wonderful group of women to play with!"

"Attending FLOW at the time in my life that I did was a big boost for me!  Even though I only attended a few sessions, it was comforting listening to other women share so freely about their issues or areas where they wanted improvements in their life. I learned so much to help myself by listening.  I got more help out of FLOW circle than some therapists I’ve been to!"

"I am so appreciative and look forward to retreats or other gatherings in the future!  You are definitely a very special person, Jan!  All my love and gratitude!"

"So sorry Jan is leaving our community.  She has been a pop-up gift to so many."

flow fav3.jpg

"You are so inspiring to me, Jan. 

Flow has changed my life."

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