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"Working with Jan is a Gift!! Her capacity to deeply listen and hold a spacious heart presence creates a container that allows those she works with to open to their "tight spots," those places where tension, unconscious fear, and unknown limitations take root in the psyche and layers of the energy field. As a transformational healer myself, I only allow those who are pure in their essence and know how to be deeply present, to work with my energy, body, mind, and Soul. Jan is the real deal! We all deserve the gift of her transformational work. Give yourself the gift of Jan!!"   ~CM

"You helped me sort out my crazy thought process and focus on what I'm wanting. I needed the energy to shift enough inside to get started. I'm  becoming more comfortable with the idea that I have a lot to offer! Thank you for helping me move past all this into excellence!!"    ~ Wayne Reineke

"The supportive & inspiring space Jan created allowed me to have a major breakthrough. I will definitely be back."

"Thank you Jan.  You made a great impact in my life."        ~ Virginia

"Thank  you so much for your guidance. Greatly appreciated. I've never felt so peaceful and calm.  Both helped. Feels like energy moving. It's been a great evening. I was able to learn and release what my body wanted me to.  Something's definitely changed... clicked into place. Thank you so much."       🙏🤍  ~Lindsey

"The session helped me be ok with myself and let go of the past."

~ Josefina

"Jan is versatile in many spiritual principles and has the ability to translate these practices in a meaningful way to support others with their individual needs.  Techniques were given to facilitate my thinking that resulted in actions that evolved into more flow in my life."  ~ Christine

Working with Jan was absolutely amazing. She was patient and kind when I was dealing with  sensitive  topics. She is amazing at bringing out what needs to be birthed."

"It's  been a good week of new insights. Feels like I'm shifting toward lightness a bit.  I like it.  ✨💖✨" Wendy

"My life today is about feeling inspired and having that activated within me.  I am inspired and excited for what I am creating.  Jan is an amazing mentor who has helped me to go forth with my dreams, passion, joy and my inspiration.  I am blessed to have Jan in my life."      ~Tricia

"My signature is flowing.   I feel lighter.  Thanks for a fabulous evening!"     ~Sam

"I am so grateful for your depth of knowledge and information. Many of the techniques, links, and authors you presented helped to calm my anxiety and social awkwardness that I was experiencing in moving to a new town."

"I had such a beautiful download tonight about something that happens inside me, that I could see so clearly is not me at all. It is something that holds me down, holds me's just a construct that I use to supposedly protect myself, but it is only taking away my life force. It was so clear to me that this is part of the session that you gave me, and it was so easy to define this thing as not being me, and sucking my life force. And that is exactly what your session was meant to do. So I think that is pretty Amazing how this has manifested for me. It makes me so immensely grateful for this gift you gave me and how much power you have and giving this gift.        ~  🏻♥️🏻♥️"   P.

"I'm so grateful that you gave me this gift, because it allowed me the time to spend with myself that I hadn't had in a very long time. It was like going home again in my heart and in my spirit, and just allowing myself to experience peace and tranquility and support, and knowing that I'm not alone. As our spirits connected, and the energy merged with the universe and with everything that is our beingness, I had so much gratitude, especially in the things that the world is experiencing right now. I was feeling so grateful that we had the ability to connect in the space where we can hear the ocean, and the sun is shining, and the chimes are ringing, and the birds are outside singing. And I thought, there is nothing wrong with this existence. We have such a beautiful life if we focus on those things and really listen. I heard, and I listened, and I saw, and the colors were beautiful, and my heart feels open, and I just really think that it's beyond a gift that we have what we've been given and that we can share them together. So, thank you."                                      ~ Jewels

"I am so grateful for your depth of knowledge and information. Many of the techniques, links, and authors you presented helped to calm my anxiety and social awkwardness that I was experiencing in moving to a new town."

You are magnificent and gifted at what you do.  You understood my vision and kept me on track.  Thank you so much for everything!

"I was correct to follow my intuition, and soon she was working on the two items for me.  Jan took time to actually understand me and the work I do."                   ~ Nand

"With a curiosity & interest in Jan’s session, I let myself go into a deep meditation resting my head in her hands. The Bars session felt like it had just started, and then it was finishing. A totally relaxing experience, except for a moment where I felt like a muscle behind my left ear had stretched, and relaxed, a definite release of some kind. I felt slightly spacey afterward, but nothing significant until later in the day. A growing feeling of peace and balance began throughout my body, then into my being. It wasn’t that I was stressed or suffering from anything; my regular good day evolved into a VERY positive GREAT day.  There seemed to be a continuous euphoria in all I was doing and sensing. To call it a good mood is an understatement - I felt fantastic! After a couple days I realized that the sensation of the muscle behind my left ear stretching, relaxing, and releasing was connected to the TMJ that I've had for over 30 years. The pain has always appeared when I'm on an airplane, but when I flew this week, I did not have the TMJ pain, for the first time ever. If someone were in need of the benefits that Jan brings with her understanding of Access Consciousness, they would be well served to spend this time. If not, and you're just looking to kick-up your good spirits, Jan will raise your energy with her work."   ~ David

"My crown feels open. I feel more blended, more integrated with the space around me. My head feels open and clear, not crowded, not noisy. The consciousness expanding process was really pretty amazing. I feel so peaceful, like I don't want to even move. You have the sweetest, most soothing loving voice! What an incredible gift to give somebody, to give a whole part of your being in that way. (Next day) Can't thank you enough for such a beautiful session. I spent a long time after just sitting in my chair curling up with my cozy blue blanket and just a state of beingness. I am sure there will be downloads coming my way in the days to come. Your encouragement, support, and words of wisdom truly mean so very much to me."      ~ Pam

"I really enjoyed talking to you - you have such a  beautiful, calming voice.You really are an amazing woman and very much appreciated. Thanks for all your time. You're a true gem!💎"

"Thank you for your light, energy, and great spirit!" 

"Thank you for being on this journey with me.  I truly believe the universe put you on my path."                         ~ Jackie

"What a wonderful role model you are!"

"I couldn't believe it.  It's like you were reading my mind.   Some are just naturally talented. You are perfect.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much."              ~ Abdollah

"I want you to know how much I value you and your words and your bravery and  allowing me to talk, without trying to correct me or make me feel wrong.  For me to cry is huge! I never cry in front of anyone. I haven't cried in I don't know how long...almost 20 years.  I have been just holding everything in. I needed to cry. So, thank you."                ~ Carmen

"I am so appreciative and look forward to retreats or other gatherings in the future!  You are definitely a very special person, Jan!  All my love and gratitude!"

"Thank you for the wonderful experience. Your presence was very relaxing. It felt as though you were holding a basin of comfort, allowing me to melt into a safe place, knowing you would catch me. I can tell I am processing in my whole being. I am embracing this entire experience! (Next morning)  I am mind traveling while enjoying my morning coffee and I was just thinking about your kind spirit and the release I am beginning to feel when your text popped up! I am sitting here crying  (just little sprinkles) while thinking about moving forward with a more free attitude.  One part of the session that stood out was when you were accessing the crown chakra area. I felt this energy throughout my body expanding into space across boundaries of time. My long deceased dad smiled at me, as I marveled at concepts such as string theory and relativity (subjects I'm currently studying, to make sense of this universe.) (3 days later)  I am still processing, releasing and embracing this entire experience. Emotions seem heightened, and my entire attitude is more free and happier! The idea of time and energy took on a very fluid meaning during the session that has stayed with me. Now I look at past experiences as energy converging from many sources to be interpreted in a multitude of ways, not as a diorama fixed in time and space. This new outlook allows me to be more compassionate about my past and also be more contemplative about life experiences as they occur. It's time to put on my big girl, wild woman pants! I so appreciate your gentle, intuitive nature and that you shared your talents with me. ❣️"           ~ Mary L.

"Attending at the time in my life that I did was a big boost for me!  Even though I only attended a few sessions, it was comforting listening to other women share so freely about their issues or areas where they wanted improvements in their life. I learned so much to help myself by listening.  I got more help out of FLOW circle than some therapists I’ve been to!"                                                     ~ Linda

"Jan helped me to feel safe and supportive. She's very intuitive. Her questions and clearing statement are profound and helped me to clear up all the beliefs that are ready to go. The session was really helpful. My original desire was to feel more in my essence. Immediately after, I feel more grounded and more in my body.
At the end of the session, I received an inspiration to a question that
I have been asking for a while and the answer that came was one I would never have considered. Now I feel more clear about the direction I want to go in and the action I need to take."     ~

"Thank you for sharing your openness and insight !"

"I'm so happy I met Jan. She helped me so much. I had a lot in my mind but I didn't know how to express it. She really  understood my heart and what I was trying to say. Wonderful job..Thank you so much!"                                                ~ Adrianna

"I appreciate all your kind words and attention. Yes, it was definitely a moving experience, and your facilitation was generously beautiful. Your voice is soothing and your presence is tranquil.  This is definitely a huge shift in my life as a dreamer.  It's amazing how everything works together and how uniquely wonderful we all are! I know you will be serving people on and to their highest level!"         ~ Gina                   

"Jan is an excellent business branding coach, as she helps you to dig deep down to reveal your true genius and reflect that in your business.  She's incredibly talented and fun to work with! I highly recommend her services."                              ~ Lupe 

"To actually see how very talented Jan is is nothing short of amazing."               ~ Tony

"A lovely setting to gather with women who share a common desire to examine what's working in our lives & move forward. A good forum to meet & get to know some fine women on a deeper level."

"I'd heard about Access Consciousness about a year ago and have been wanting a Bars session for a while now. Then I met you. I feel outstanding! Lightness resonates with me this morning. Thank you so much!  (12 days later) I have become more aware lately that personal time/alone time is all perfect. (Re: your guidance on relationships), as of today, it is feeling light to be single!"     
~ Allan

"Thank you for creating such a wonderful group of women to play with!"

"YES  YES!  Had a major shift in energies!!  Quit being depressed. It was BAD. This is easier than breathwork. Holy shift! 

OKAY. I 'M READY."    ~ Nancy

"You are an amazing leader and you made me feel comfortable to share my feelings within the group. Your insight helped me to understand my blocks and work to clear them.  I gained spiritual growth from your sessions and I now understand what it means to go with the flow!  Thank you!  Love  & light 💕"

"One of the most memorable nights happened the day after the session. And each moment as it processes, I kept asking, "How does it get better than this"? And it was so bizarre, I have no words. I just wanted to let you know."   ~Sergio

"You sure were an angel sent from heaven.  I wasn't sure what to expect working with a ghostwriter, but you have made it so easy.  You're not just a ghostwriter.  You're also a healer, supporting me along my writing journey.  I have no way of repaying you for everything you have done for me this far. You have been a blessing to me."                                     ~ J. L.

"To Jan, without whose help my book would not have been written.  For pulling out parts of me I didn't know existed, and patience and insight when I came upon some serious resistance."              ~ Lara  

"I feel so peaceful right now, like covered in a spiritual energy blanket. During the session, there were these birds...I feel like they were part of it, the human thing. I was feeling energy moving in and around my face. Even now I'm feeling something on this side, a tingling, like the energy is still there, relaxing my jaw and a little bit is relaxing the right side of my cheek. And then when  you played the audio at the end, I felt tingling all over my body. It's so beautiful. This is much deeper than when my friend did it to me 2 years ago. Plus, I'm in a different place. Also, some kind of shift is going on in my tummy cuz I've had some issues. And a message I was getting was, wait till February 18th to deal with my Hawaii trip, to just put all that aside cuz it's been too much on my head and just a feeling that everything is going to open up and it's going to be fine, cuz it's really important for me to do this trip. As far as the grieving, I'll see how that all plays out, but right now I feel light and there's no sadness around that. I actually felt him come in because I was asking, so that was cool. This was awesome. I look forward to feeling what else happens and shifts over the next few days."                                 ~ Mary H.

"I found it personally productive, and the exercises helped me connect some thoughts and gain insight."       ~ Trish

"Great reminder that, for me, flow is stepping into the river that is always there. Thanks for organizing this, Jan."    ~ Mary

"Very relaxing. I loved it. I felt how much you love me!"             ~ Austin

"After my second Access Consciousness Bars session, the feeling and sense felt unique  to this session. Overall I was filled with a sense of relaxation and calmness throughout my whole body and being. It felt quite ethereal to just go with the flow and release myself fully to the process.  Jan's beautiful words of wisdom, guidance, and kindness near the end of the session absorbed into my being with such a soft caring beautiful energy that she embodies and projects.  And it carried me away to beautiful indescribable places.  After she left I laid in the stillness and had the most amazing sense of relaxed and floating lightness of being. All my senses seemed to be heightened and without containment all at once. I experienced my body in such a new way that was so incredibly in the moment, without burden, just an extraordinary sense of being awareness, where every movement, from rubbing my neck gently to doing some Ohms, had a whole new Sense of vibrational frequency that took over my whole body. I was able to just let my body and state of being flow into the moment that felt so fulfilling, natural and magical.  It was an incredible state of being and one that I am immensely looking forward to experiencing again!  (Next morrning) I had only 4 1/2 hours sleep, but I felt so light and happy this morning, so it continues. Thank you so much for bringing such an incredible state my way."                                 ~ Pam

"You're a gorgeous and provocative writer. Very visual. I have spent so many years in the disconnection. Spent the last 12 1/2yrs unwinding to get to that reconnection. You described the awakening & healing process so deeply well. It is not a journey for the faint of heart. Gosh it is so worth it to dig into those dark painful places only to discover our beautiful light that has always been! I truly love your post and think you are so damn strong & brave. I appreciate your vulnerability here in your writing. I resonate indeed! Love to you and I felt your depth of heart and soul the day I met you."

" 25 minutes into the session, the pain in my jaw that began from my cancer went away. Later in the day, I was struggling to try to renew my driver's license online, to no avail, so I just stopped and watched Eat, Pray, Love instead. I felt good this morning.  After breakfast I called the DMV and only had to wait 4 minutes for a person! He walked me through the online driver’s license procedure, and I had my license in a very short time. I just had a weird thing happen.  I thought my nephew was going to take me for my surgery on Monday (my birthday) but he just said that he couldn't.  That wasn’t the weird part.  What was weird was that I thought, laughingly, this is a good time for martyrdom!  I had asked 2 of my friends and they couldn’t do it either.  My neice just texted me and said that she could take me.  What a sweetheart!"                         ~ Franie

"J. Paul Getty was once asked, 'How did you accomplish all that you have done so well?'  He replied, 'I put the right people around me, gave them everything they needed, and got out of the way.'   Jan is the 'right person' for me..  She was, and is, my Muse.  I look forward to working with her for a very long time, as I now want to write more."                   ~ Joseph

"What  a crazy week!  Emotional for sure. Love the progress. 🦋🏜️"

~ Linda​

"I intend to "spread the love" from people who are near and dear to me, and who inspire me to greater heights, in the hopes that they will inspire you as well.  One of these people is Jan Edwards.  Jan is one of those people who just seems to be able to get to the heart of any matter. Whether in her role as Gifted Ghostwriter or that of Quest Guide, she cuts to the truth and communicates it back to her clients with grace and ease."                 ~ Rebecca Liston

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