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"The supportive & inspiring space Jan created allowed me to have a major breakthrough. I will definitely be back."

"I intend to "spread the love" from people who are near and dear to me, and who inspire me to greater heights, in the hopes that they will inspire you as well.  One of these people is Jan Edwards.  Jan is one of those people who just seems to be able to get to the heart of any matter. Whether in her role as Gifted Ghostwriter or that of Quest Guide, she cuts to the truth and communicates it back to her clients with grace and ease."

"Thank you Jan.  You made a great impact in my life."

My life today is about feeling inspired and having that activated within me.  I am inspired and excited for what I am creating.  Jan is an amazing mentor who has helped me to go forth with my dreams, passion, joy and my inspiration.  I am blessed to have Jan in my life.

"You are an amazing leader and you made me feel comfortable to share my feelings within the group. Your insight helped me to understand my blocks and work to clear them.  I gained spiritual growth from your sessions and I now understand what it means to go with the flow!  Thank you!  Love  & light ðŸ’•"

"Jan is versatile in many spiritual principles and has the ability to translate these practices in a meaningful way to support others with their individual needs.  Techniques were given to facilitate my thinking that resulted in actions that evolved into more flow in my life."

"I am so grateful for your depth of knowledge and information. Many of the techniques, links, and authors you presented helped to calm my anxiety and social awkwardness that I was experiencing in moving to a new town."

You are magnificent and gifted at what you do.  You understood my vision and kept me on track.  Thank you so much for everything!

"Thank you for sharing your openness and insight !"

"Thank you for your light, energy, and great spirit!" 

"What a wonderful role model you are!"

"J. Paul Getty was once asked, 'How did you accomplish all that you have done so well?'  He replied, 'I put the right people around me, gave them everything they needed, and got out of the way.'   Jan is the 'right person' for me..  She was, and is, my Muse.  I look forward to working with her for a very long time, as I now want to write more." 

"I am so appreciative and look forward to retreats or other gatherings in the future!  You are definitely a very special person, Jan!  All my love and gratitude!"

Working with Jan was absolutely amazing. She was patient and kind when I was dealing with sensitive  topics. She is amazing at bringing out what needs to be birthed ."

"I found it personally productive, and the exercises helped me connect some thoughts and gain insight."

"You sure were an angel sent from heaven.  I wasn't sure what to expect working with a ghostwriter, but you have made it so easy.  You're not just a ghostwriter.  You're also a healer, supporting me along my writing journey.  I have no way of repaying you for everything you have done for me this far. You have been a blessing to me."

I was correct to follow my intuition, and soon she was working on the two items for me.  Jan took time to actually understand me and the work I do.

"I really enjoyed talking to you - you have such a  beautiful, calming voice.You really are an amazing woman and very much appreciated. I hope to meet you in person some time.  Thanks for all your time. You're a true gem!💎"

To Jan, without whose help my book would not have been written.  For pulling out parts of me I didn't know existed, and patience and insight when I came upon some serious resistance.

"Attending at the time in my life that I did was a big boost for me!  Even though I only attended a few sessions, it was comforting listening to other women share so freely about their issues or areas where they wanted improvements in their life. I learned so much to help myself by listening.  I got more help out of FLOW circle than some therapists I’ve been to!"

"A lovely setting to gather with women who share a common desire to examine what's working in our lives & move forward. A good forum to meet & get to know some fine women on a deeper level."

"Jan is an excellent business branding coach, as she helps you to dig deep down to reveal your true genius and reflect that

in your business.  She's incredibly talented and fun to work with! I highly recommend her services."   

"Great reminder that, for me, flow is stepping into the river that is always there. Thanks for organizing this, Jan."

"You helped me sort out my crazy thought process and focus on what I'm wanting.   I needed the energy to shift enough inside to get started.  I'm becoming more comfortable with the idea that I have a lot to offer!   Thank you for helping me move past all this into excellence!!

"Thank you for being on this journey with me.  I truly believe the universe put you on my path."

"I'm so happy I met Jan. She helped me so much. I had a lot in my mind but I didn't know how to express it. She really understood my heart and what I was trying to say. Wonderful job..Thank you so much!"    

"Thank you for creating such a wonderful group of women to play with!"

I couldn't believe it.  It's like you were reading my mind.   Some are just naturally talented. 

You are perfect.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much.

"To actually see how very talented Jan is is nothing short of amazing."





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Jan Edwards

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