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3-4 person private online group sessions

Something has been wanting to shift in your life

... in you

You may have felt challenged, doubtful, afraid, or unsure

... that what you want is possible

You may not even know what it is that you want

... but you know you want something different

Because your desire has gotten bigger, stronger

... even if you don't know what it might look like or be like


You've been wondering how you can do it, have it, be it

... and if you really can

You may have even had a glimpse or feeling of it,

or a glimpse of accessing it

... though you may keep shoving it down back into the box

But it keeps popping back up, so you play hide and seek with it

... looking at it, then not looking at it

believing that you can have it... be it... do it

then not believing

You may have even felt like

your mind and beliefs are straddling two ways of being

... the way you've been

... and the way you want to be


Your body has been giving you symptoms of the struggle

... though you think they're health conditions or inherited

And your habits of tv, alcohol, cbd, pain killers, 

or constant doing, talking, or procrastinating

... are actually distracting you from feeling the discomfort

of holding yourself back


Don't be afraid.

There's nothing wrong with you.

There's nothing bad in you.

I'm here for you.

And I'm here to assure you

that the shift you're wanting is not only possible

... it's waiting for you

The only thing in the way of you receiving the shift 

... is the you that you think you are

(Read that again)

The Shift


A safe, non-judgmental, loving, interactive, and guided online space

to experience whatever shift you're needing or wanting to receive, tap into, or expand into.

In this space we're going to shift an infinite number of circumstances and conditions...

lack of self-confidence, unworthiness, fear of the unknown, grief, money, fear of the world, fear of change, body pain, health concerns, trauma, career/job, relationships, betrayal, abuse, abandonment, shame, failure, hardship, loss of creativity, depression, addiction, suppression.


The Shift is not defined or limited by gender/religion/sexual/cultural orientation,

 age, income, lifestyle, or circumstance.

It is like the space that the poet Rumi describes:

“Out beyond wrongdoing and right doing, there is a field.

I will meet you there."

We will commune with one another, with Heart, God, The Divine, The Universe,

to access, recalibrate and shift ourselves, and experience what it's like

to feel the fullness of ourselves, our ability to shift with ease, and in presence with life.


In co-facilitating your shift, I am the wise, non-judgmental, infinitely loving, patient

Mother ~ seeing your heart, never judging, never rushing, never giving up on you,

Midwife ~ gently and deeply guiding you out of the darkness and into your light. 


I’m here, in the space, holding the door open for you to feel safe and ready.


My only and highest desire, gift, and capacity is to bring you

to the vast, brilliant, empowered, joyful YOU that you may have never known.

The Shift wants to happen in you.


It will, if you allow it.


It is my honor to guide you on this part of your journey.


Much love,



Receive the Gift

Allow the Shift




You are invited to a 90-minute online group session

to Experience the Shift and Receive the Gift

3 - 4 individuals per group

3 group session dates and times

Attend whenever you feel the need

Group 1

Tuesdays 1:30-3:00 pm PST

Group 2

Thursdays 6:30-8 pm PST

Group 3

Sundays 9:30-11 am PST

$30 p/person p/session

Payment 4 Hours In Advance

Debit/Credit, Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, Check, Cash

For More Information and To Reserve Your Space:


You helped me sort out my crazy thought process and focus on what I'm wanting. 

I needed the energy to shift enough inside to get started.  I'm becoming more comfortable with the idea that I have a lot to offer! 

Thank you for helping me move past all this into excellence!!

Cristina & Remo

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