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Ordained Minister~

"You have the sweetest, most soothing loving voice! What an incredible gift to give somebody, to give a whole part of your being in that way. Can't thank you enough ."

Santa Barbara to San Diego
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 "Jan is a woman of heart, soul, and creative inspirational Light.  Reach out to her for any of the services she offers and your life will be further blessed!"

"I am really not even sure how I can even begin to express all the gratitude I am completely filled with for all the time, energy, love, heart,

and soul you have so fully poured into all the festivities of helping me step into the arms of a very beautiful soul in our life commitment.

How could I even imagine getting married without my amazing minister!  Your presence, words, love, care, and connection to be part of

this very sacred moment in our lives will forever, and even more deeply, bond us in a way that is lovely and touching beyond words.

Having you there truly elevated the whole experience, and the comfort it brought to me just to see your smiling face

and loving presence before, during, and after is completely priceless and added a layer of beauty to the whole day.

I can never thank you enough for bringing so much love and light into this hugely important moment in my life."     


~ Pamela Austin

Jan Edwards


Uniquely Customized Services
Spiritual Unions ~ Weddings ~ Celebration ~ Renewals ~ Celebrations of Life

Handfasting, Healings, Blessings, 

Beaches, Parks, Churches, Temples 


Ceremony ~ Vows ~ Proposal ~ Tribute

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"You sure were an angel send from heaven. 

I wasn't sure what to expect working with a ghostwriter, but you have made it so easy.  You're not just a ghostwriter.  You're also a healer, supporting me along my writing journey.  I have no way of repaying you for everything you have done for me this far. You have been a blessing to me."

"...As our spirits connected, and the energy merged with the universe and with everything that is our beingness, I had so much gratitude, especially in the things that the world is experiencing right now. I was feeling so grateful that we had the ability to connect in the space where we can hear the ocean, and the sun is shining, and the chimes are ringing, and the birds are outside singing. And I thought, there is nothing wrong with this existence. We have such a beautiful life if we focus on those things and really listen. I heard, and I listened, and I saw, and the colors were beautiful, and my heart feels open, and I just really think that it's beyond a gift that we have what we've been given and that we can share them together. So, thank you."  

"I would recommend  Jan Edwards to anyone in the industry. She is remarkable at pulling  events all together to make sure everything works perfectly and is committed to everyone having a great time. After all, if everyone isn't having a great time while their learning, then what's the point? Jan always has a smile on her face and her objective is to Serve! I love her!"

"I really enjoyed talking to you - you have such a  beautiful, calming voice.You really are an amazing woman and very much appreciated. I hope to meet you in person some time.  Thanks for all your time. You're a true gem!💎"

"J. Paul Getty was once asked, 'How did you accomplish all that you have done so well?'  He replied, 'I put the right people around me, gave them everything they needed, and got out of the way.'  Jan is the 'right person' for me. "

"Jan's beautiful words of wisdom, guidance, and kindness absorbed into my being with such a soft caring beautiful energy that she embodies and projects.  And it carried me away to beautiful indescribable places."

"Thank you for being you, sharing your heart, your spirit."

My Background

Inspired Life, Love, & Self Realization Guidance

Wedding , Reception and Small Event Coordination

Ghostwriting, Writing, Editing

Flow Circles for Women Facilitation

Teaching, Tutoring, Speaking, Workshops, Retreats

Massage, Access Consciousness Energy Clearing 

Holistic Well-Being Event Coordination

Holistic Chamber of Commerce President

Meetup Organization

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"Thank you for being on this journey with me. I truly believe that the universe put you on my path."

"My speech went really well, thru the tears. So many comments after about speaking from the heart! Even Board members came to me after and said they had no clue. Here's one of the posts from one of the attendees: 'I have a whole new respect for the Foundation after tonight's Fundraiser.       Such a heartfelt mission affecting local families. Great event, people, and storyline.  Many tears for sure!'   I was quite surprised with the response from could have been one of the hardest things that I have done! Thank you!"


"Thank you Jan.  You made a great impact in my life."

"Jan has been wonderful to work with.  She captures the essence of the person she is writing for and easily conceptualizes their thoughts and ideas in a way that brings those thoughts to life through words. I look forward to our continued professional relationship together."   

"I appreciate all your kind words and attention. Yes, it was definitely a moving experience, and your facilitation was generously beautiful. Your voice is soothing and your presence is tranquil. " 

"I want to tell you something Jan. When I was 14, 15, 16, the neighbors used to come to me and ask me to write their letters for them, because I was very good at that. When I came to this country and could not speak the language, it was very hard for me. When I told you what I wanted to write in my letter to my wife, even with my broken English, I tried to explain what I wanted but didn't know how to say everything. When I read the letter you wrote for me, even though it was the first draft, I couldn't believe it. You got everything I wanted to say, even things I didn't tell you.  It's like you were reading my mind! I don't even have one thing to change on it. You got all of it on there, everything I wanted to say. You got it all right. Even my son who graduated from the University of Berkeley and others don't do that. Some are just naturally talented. You are perfect. I'm telling you the truth. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much."

"Jan Edwards is a shining example of what it takes to create and lead a growing community. Her vision, and the ability to take action to make it come to life, is inspiring. Our Holistic Chamber of Commerce members in Orange County are truly blessed to have a leader who is both caring and powerful. Thank you, Jan Edwards, for being such a wonderful guide for our team!"

"Thank you for your light, energy, and great spirit!" 

"You definitely have a gift of captivating your readers. I only read the first two pages and had tears welling up by the end. I felt like I was one of the characters in your story. I was drawn in and captivated within the first few paragraphs. Your ability to paint such a vivid picture and tug at the heart strings is truly a piece of art. I can tell this is your true passion!"  

"You are an inspiration to many, including me!"

"Thank you for your inspiration!"

"...spreading the love from someone dear to me, who inspires me to greater heights, in the hopes that they will inspire you as well.  One of these people is Jan Edwards.  Jan is one of those people who just seems to be able to get to the heart of any matter. Whether in her role as Gifted Ghostwriter or that of Inspired Life Guide, she cuts to the truth and communicates it back to her clients (and their readers) with grace and ease."

"Working with Jan was absolutely amazing. She was patient and kind when I was dealing with sensitive  topics. She is amazing at bringing out what needs to be birthed and then crafting it into magic!! "

Jan Edwards, you did an amazing job! Thank you for your suggestions, ideas, and expertise. You understood my vision and kept me on track. You put in extra time when you didn’t have to, and I appreciate you for that. You are gifted and magnificent at what you do. Thank you so much for everything!"

"You are so inspiring to me, Jan.  Flow has changed my life."

"Thank you for what you do!  It has transformed me and my business."

"To actually see how very talented Jan is is nothing short of amazing."  

"I am so appreciative and look forward to retreats or other gatherings in the future!  You are definitely a very special person, Jan!  All my love and gratitude!"

"She has a very personal way of dealing with you that puts you at ease, knowing you have someone who really cares for your finished work.  It gives you a sense that the finished product will be something worth reading. She puts her heart into you and your work and makes a difficult task easier to accomplish."

"Keep your beautiful energy flowing always."

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