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Someone once asked me how I live my life.

I answered, "I follow my feel-good" (my life motto).

She wasn't quite sure what to make of that. So, I said, "I follow my bliss."

She sat in slight wonder and contemplation (within the unconscious box of judgements and opinions she had been taught), before replying,

"Well, that's something only rich or privileged people can afford to do."


Despite what most humans believe and say,

you are not here to have a hard life, to set and accomplish never-ending goals, or prove yourself worthy of love, money, happiness, health, forgiveness, acceptance... or staying alive.


You are not here to live a life like everyone else.

You didn't come here to look or talk or think or be like anyone else. 


You've been taught, conditioned, and rewarded to shrink yourself...

your behavior, your mind, your imagination, your abilities,

your energy, your awareness, your consciousness.

You have been seduced into mimicking others

and believing that you must fit in.


Here's how it happened...


"The Long Bag We Drag Behind Us"   by Robert Bly


"When we were one or two years old, we had what we might visualize as a 360-degree personality. Energy radiated out from all parts of our body and all parts of our psyche. A child running is a living globe of energy.


We had a ball of energy, all right; but one day we noticed that our parents didn’t like certain parts of that ball. They said things like: “Can’t you be still?” Or “It isn’t nice to try and kill your brother.”  Behind us we have an invisible bag, and the part of us our parents don’t like, we, to keep our parents’ love, put in the bag. By the time we go to school our bag is quite large.


Then our teachers have their say: “Good children don’t get angry over such little things.”  So, we take our anger and put it in the bag. By the time my brother and I were twelve in Madison, Minnesota, we were known as “the nice Bly boys.” Our bags were already a mile long. Then we do a lot of bag-stuffing in high school. This time, it’s no longer the evil grownups that pressure us, but people our own age. So the student’s paranoia about grownups can be misplaced. I lied all through high school automatically, to try to be more like the basketball players. Any part of myself that was a little slow went into the bag.


My sons are going through the process now; I watched my daughters, who were older, experience it. I noticed with dismay how much they put into the bag, but there was nothing their mother or I could do about it. Often, my daughters seemed to make their decision on the issue of fashion and collective ideas of beauty, and they suffered as much damage from other girls as they did from men.

So, I maintain that out of a round globe of energy the twenty-year-old ends up with a slice.


We’ll imagine a man who has a thin slice left. The rest is in the bag. And we’ll imagine that he meets a woman; let’s say they are both twenty-four. She has a thin, elegant slice left. They join each other in a ceremony, and this union of two slices is called marriage. Even together the two do not make up one person! Marriage when the bag is large entails loneliness during the honeymoon for that very reason. Of course we all lie about it. “How was your honeymoon?” “Wonderful, how’s yours?”


Different cultures fill the bag with different contents. In Christian culture, sexuality usually goes into the bag. With it goes much spontaneity. Marie Louise von Franz warns us, on the other hand, not to sentimentalize primitive cultures by assuming that they have no bag at all. She says in effect that they have a different but sometimes even larger bag. They may put individuality into the bag, or inventiveness. What anthropologists know as “participation mystique,” or “a mysterious communal mind,” sounds lovely, but it can mean that tribal members all know exactly the same thing and no one knows anything else. It’s possible that bags for all human beings are about the same size.


We spend our life until we’re twenty deciding what parts of ourselves to put into the bag, and we spend the rest of our lives trying to get them out again."

No wonder you are in pain.

No wonder you are angry.

No wonder you are tired, bored, frustrated.

No wonder you are anxious, fearful, unsure, uncertain.

No wonder you can't make up your mind.

No wonder you think you are wrong or weird or slow or bad.

No wonder you are always in a rush, competing, comparing.

You were taught all of this.

You were taught that being only you was not ok, not enough.

Some of this has been conscious, some unconscious. 


You were not born to fit in.

You are not here to please anyone or be like anyone, or be approved by anyone, or be empowered by anyone.

What you have been told is the wrongness of you

may actually be the strongness of you.

Despite this, all is not lost.

Your True Identity, Gifts, Purpose, Power,

Path, and Possibilities, 

are forever part of you, unbreakable, undissolvable, untakable

(I made that word up),

though they may be invisible to you.

Despite what you believe, there is a real YOU,

a magical YOU

a good-feeling YOU,

underneath all the un-you,

a YOU not limited by judgement, secrecy, worry, anxiety, boredom, depression, disease, pain,

shame, unworthiness, wrongness. 


Can you Imagine what it might feel like to be free from the box you have put your mind and body in

for your entire life?

​You have all you need. You just need help seeing it.

You can't copy it. It is your own energetic essence.

There are no rules.

​There  are no limits...

only a willingness to dismantle the beliefs that have prevented YOU from Being All of You and Continuing to Become All that You Desire.

Every Human is on a continual Quest

to feel Better, Freer...

To make sense of What You're Made of and Why You're Here...   

To understand Your True Value

To Realize Your Innate Ability To Thrive

and Experience Joy,

To Discover Your Innate Power to Create, 

To Know Your Magic,

(yes, everyone is Magic)

To Live A Soul-Guided Inspired Life

​Your  Inspired  Life  Is  Your  Birthright

It's  the Reason  You  Came  Here

It's  Your  Destiny


You helped me sort out my crazy thought process and focus on what I'm wanting. 

I needed the energy to shift enough inside to get started.  I'm becoming more comfortable with the idea that I have a lot to offer! 

Thank you for helping me move past all this into excellence!!

Cristina & Remo

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