Someone once asked me how I live my life.

I answered, "I follow my feel-good" (my life motto).

She wasn't quite sure what to make of that. So, I said, "I follow my bliss."

She sat in slight wonder and contemplation (within the unconscious box of judgements and opinions she had been taught), before replying,

"Well, that's something only rich or privileged people can afford to do."


Despite what most humans believe and say,

you are not here to have a hard life, to set and accomplish never-ending goals, or prove yourself worthy of love, money, happiness, health, forgiveness, acceptance... or staying alive.


You are not here to live a life like everyone else.

You didn't come here to look or talk or think or be like anyone else. 


You've been taught, conditioned, and rewarded to shrink yourself...

your behavior, your mind, your imagination, your abilities,

your energy, your awareness, your consciousness.

You have been seduced into mimicking others

and believing that you must fit in.

No wonder you are in pain.

No wonder you are angry.

No wonder you are tired, bored, frustrated.

No wonder you are anxious, fearful, unsure, uncertain.

No wonder you can't make up your mind.

No wonder you think you are wrong or weird or slow or bad.

No wonder you are always in a rush, competing, comparing.

You were taught all of this.

You were taught that being only you was not ok, not enough.

Some of this has been conscious, some unconscious. 


You were not born to fit in.

You are not here to please anyone or be like anyone, or be approved by anyone, or be empowered by anyone.

What you have been told is the wrongness of you

may actually be the strongness of you.

Despite this, all is not lost.

Your True Identity, Gifts, Purpose, Power,

Path, and Possibilities, 

are forever part of you, unbreakable, undissolvable, untakable

(I made that word up),

though they may be invisible to you.

Despite what you believe, there is a real YOU,

a magical YOU

a good-feeling YOU,

underneath all the un-you,

a YOU not limited by judgement, secrecy, worry, anxiety, boredom, depression, disease, pain,

shame, unworthiness, wrongness. 


Can you Imagine what it might feel like to be free from the box you have put your mind and body in

for your entire life?

​You have all you need. You just need help seeing it.

You can't copy it. It is your own energetic essence.

There are no rules.

​There  are no limits...

only a willingness to dismantle the beliefs that have prevented YOU from Being All of You and Continuing to Become All that You Desire.

Every Human is on a continual Quest

to feel Better, Freer...

To make sense of What We're Made of and Why We're Here...   

To understand Our True Value

To Realize Our Innate Ability To Thrive

and Experience Joy,

To Discover Our Innate Power to Create, 

To Know Our Magic,

(yes, everyone is Magic)

To Live A Self-Inspired Life.

​Your  Inspired  Life  Is  Your  Birthright.

It's  the Reason  You  Came  Here.

It's  Your  Destiny.


You helped me sort out my crazy thought process and focus on what I'm wanting. 

I needed the energy to shift enough inside to get started.  I'm becoming more comfortable with the idea that I have a lot to offer! 

Thank you for helping me move past all this into excellence!!

Cristina & Remo